Advantages of cooperation

Advantages of cooperation Advantages of cooperation

Top technology, long-year experience

We carry out complete crane works in the Czech Republic and abroad using mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 up to 220 tons. With Grove 4100S special mobile crane we are able to perform heavy load lifting in production buildings as no one else in the Central Europe.

Thanks to our top up-to-date technology and experience gathered over more than 65 years we are able to work even under the most complicated conditions. We know how to cope with varied climatic conditions from Southern Europe to as far as hundreds of kilometres beyond the Polar Circle, day and night. We are able to meet all legislative, safety and environmental requirements of EU countries as well as outside the EU. We are used to cooperate with many other suppliers and coordinate our works with them, to meet agreed deadlines.

Our participation in demanding foreign and domestic projects enhances those characteristics that are important for our clients – professionality, quality, safety.

Advantages of cooperation with us:

Top up-to-date technology with a large range of use

  • A wide range of up-to-date mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 up to 220 tons
  • unique GMK GROVE 4100S mobile crane, the only one in Central Europe, which is absolutely exceptional when handling heavy loads in tight spaces, production shops, in particular due to its shortened boom with a reinforced arm
  • An optimal differentiation of mobile cranes and manipulators enables us to use mechanization with perfect parameters just for a client’s needs, i.e. at the lowest price possible
  • Our machine fleet for transportation of heavy loads up to a weight of 60 tons and a maximum length of 16 metres

Extraordinary experience of operators and leading workers - high reliability and professionality, safe work without accidents and occupational injuries

  • A wide range of experience obtained above all in foreign projects, the ability to cope with extreme climatic conditions (from tropical heats to severe frosts and snowing beyond the Polar Circle), meeting all local legislative, safety and ecological requirements applicable in the EU as well as outside the EU
  • Ability to cooperate with many other suppliers from various countries, a coordination of activities, meeting delivery terms

Transportation of cranes

  • Arrangement of transportation of heavy mobile cranes to a project location even for a distance of thousands of kilometers, on land and sea (of course including all demanded permissions)
  • Meeting all conditions for operation of the mechanization wherever in Europe and America

And other benefits that we take as a matter of course

  • Free of charge consulting including a suggestion of a transportation scheme for the given load
  • An on-site inspection for planed crane works, a workplace inspection including a consultancy with a technician (a selection of a proper mobile crane, binding mechanisms and slings and workflow)
  • Procurement of necessary load binding equipment and specialized workers for load binding
  • Processing of required documentation, technical drawings
  • Work on public holidays, week-ends and overnight according to an agreement


Advantages of cooperation


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