Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

Our broad offer of mobile cranes for hire including highly skilled operators ensures preciseness in carrying-out works, high safety and maximal effectiveness.

Our expert team provides you complex services, for example:

  • proposal of an optimal crane
  • inspection of a mobile crane work site
  • procurement of necessary load binding e agents, or specialized workers for load binding
  • coordination of the mobile crane with heavy transport

Our up-to-date, or updated, machines, excellent in their performance and reliability, are an important advantage for you.

Considering our wide offer, feel free to contact us with any specific questions regarding your project. We will be happy to answer, recommend, plan for you… simply anything you will demand.

The main fields of our activities are in particular the following:

Works carried-out by mobile cranes with lifting capacity of 25 – 300 tons

  • broad variety of mobile cranes allows the optimal choice for the particular occasion: with minimal cost, maximal speed and safety
  • modern fast mobile cranes in a range of 25 – 55 tons with all swivel axles and the length of a boom up to 60 metres and radius up to 44 metres
  • heavy mobile cranes with telescopic boom of lifting capacity up to 300 tons and lattice boom truck crane of lifting capacity up to 250 tons with a lifting height up to 144 metres and radius 66 metres

Road freight transport

  • small platform-type vehicles of 6-12 t load-carrying capacity
  • truck transport on special flat-bed trailers of load-carrying capacity up to 32 tons
  • heavy road transport by a special low-bed trailer of 50 t load-carrying capacity and 17 m length

Basic overview of our mobile cranes:

Type/model Quantity Max. lifting capacity Max. height Max. radius
AD 20 2 20 t 29 m 23 m
Liebherr LTM 1025 2 25 t 27 m 24 m
Liebherr LTM 1025 with a lattice jib 2 25 t 41 m 34 m
Liebherr LTM 1040-1 1 40 t 30 m 26 m
Liebherr LTM 1040-1 with a lattice jib 1 40 t 45 m 40 m
Terex Demag AC55L 1 55 t 45 m 40 m
Terex Demag AC55L with a lattice jib 1 55 t 60 m 44 m
Grove GMK 4100 S 1 100 t 36 m 32 m
Grove GMK 5220 1 220 t 105 m 88 m
Grove GMK 6400 1 400 t 144 m 66 m

For more information please visit the Machine fleet section.


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