Fields of Activity

Fields of Activity

The main fields of our activities are in particular the following:

  • manufacturing of machines and equipment according to the documentation given-over to us by the customer
  • creation of the engineering documentation as described by the customer or according to assembly drawings
  • manufacturing and pre-assembly of steel parts combined with a delivery and assembly of parts from other suppliers

We provide the manufacture from small spare parts to large complexes, for instance ball mill shells, rotary kilns, debarking drums and dryers of various diameters.

Among our customers there are e.g. cement plants, lime plants, sugar plants, chemical industry, stone crushing plants, tire manufacturers, paper-mills, steel plants and power stations.


A shaft kiln for Kotouč Štramberk company

In the first half of the year 2018 we commenced the manufacture of parts of a lime shaft kiln for ...
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16th Spring Skill Ride

On Sunday 29/4/2018, a traditional event took place in the Montáže Přerov area, the 16th Spring Skill ...
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Expansion of our machine fleet by GROVE GMK 6400 and GROVE GMK 4100S mobile cranes

In November 2016 Montáže Přerov company added two new mobile cranes to the existing machine fleet. ...
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Technology Matters of Interest

  • The submerged-arc welding (SAW) method, process 121, used in our company for welding rotary complexes from sheet of 6 mm thickness offers highly above standard quality - welds are practically spatter-free, featuring deep penetration and very low stress.
  • The largest rotary body manufactured in our company has been of 285 t weight, diameter of 6 meters and length of 40 meters.


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