Today our installations and customers can be found in about 30 countries worldwide, among them for example:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • India
  • Brazil
  • ... and many others

One of our significant achievements is a direct cooperation with cement and lime industry market leaders, as e.g. Lafarge, Holcim, Heildelberger cement, Buzzi Unicem, Lhois, Carmeuse or with leading world’s technology suppliers as e.g. Metso, CPT, Doosan etc.

You can find detailed information on the realized projects in sections of the respective activities of our company:

Customer: Redecam, Fincementi cement plant (CRH)
Realization: 10/2019 - 04/2020
Place: Pargas, Finland
Order: Retrofitting 2 electrofilters to one bag filter including a replacement of an exhaust fan and a new exhaust piping
Characteristics of the order: The order has involved disassembly of substations, cutting-off of upper parts of the both filters, disassembly of electrodes from the both filters, modification of the foul chamber, its reinforcement, assembly of the upper frame, manufacture and installation of new filter cloths and a penthouse. Disassembly of the old exhaust fan including the inlet and outlet conduit as far as the stack. Installation of a new exhaust fan including a new damper and complete piping as far as the stack.
Parameters: Weight of the installed new equipment 150 t

Customer: Českomoravský cement (Heidelberg), Mokrá
Realization: 01/2020 - 02/2020
Place: Mokrá cement plant, Czech Republic
Order: Replacement of the support shell and supporting ring including replacement of the tread on the axial pulley and installation of a new housing of the ring gear
Characteristics of the order: The order has involved the kiln survey, specification of the cutting point, the shell cut-off, disassembly of the old support part including the supporting ring, disassembly of the axial pulley, renovation of the axial pulley. Re-installation of the axial pulley, fitting the supporting ring onto the kiln support part and their installation to the kiln, setting the kiln to its position and welding.
Parameters: Weight of the installed new equipment 101 t

Customer: LB Cemix, Kotouč Štramberk production plant
Realization: 08/2018 - 04/2019
Place: Štramberk, Czech republic
Order: Installation of a double-shaft kiln line
Characteristics of the order: Installation of a double-shaft kiln line for lump lime burning and other accessories, the manufacture and installation of machinery for the kiln and a milled coal storage silo.
Parameters: Weight of the installed equipment 600 tons

Realization: 07/2018 - 02/2019
Place: Kjopsvik, Norway
Order: Installation of 200 t of steel structures, assembly of 100 t of RFP technologies and 100 t of piping
Characteristics of the order: Installation of a system for flue gas desulphurization using sea water. Works were carried out in highly difficult climatic conditions, Kjopsvik town is located more than 700 km beyond the Northern polar circle. At the same time, we had to meet very strict legislative conditions applicable in Norway. The installation was carried out during the normal operation in the cement plant; we performed particularly the installation of the steel structure, piping and FRP technology delivered to Doosan company.

Customer: ANDRITZ Oy, Finland
Realization: 10/2018 - 11/2018
Place: Štětí, Czech Republic
Order: 583 tons of demounted and newly installed technology of a kiln line for lime burning; used mobile cranes – 750 t, 220 t, 100 t
Characteristics of the order: Replacement of three parts of a lime kiln shell and an entire drive of the kiln. The main part of the project was a replacement of 3 parts of a lime kiln shell and an entire drive of the kiln, which was the biggest challenge of the whole project because an extremely short time period was left for this scope of works. All deadlines were met. In spite of the fact that the works were performed under significant time pressure no occupational accident occurred and commencement of the line operation after the shut-down was started according to the planned time schedule. Some of the works were performed in concurrence of building works, which increased demandingness and emphasized the continuous coordination of the entire project. The replacement of the kiln shell parts was so difficult also for the fact that the inlet (c. 8 tons) and discharge (65 tons) parts of the kiln are placed inside buildings and this demanded accurate calculations of crane uplifts.

Customer: Valmet Technologies, Inc.
Realization: 09/2017 - 09/2018
Place: Copenhagen, Denmark
Order: Installation of 2269 tons of conveyance routes, technologies and platforms.
Characteristics of the order: Installation of conveyor bridges including the assembly of conveyors and technologies. The entire project was oriented on double lifts (using two cranes), where some lift heights reached over 40 metres, therefore large mobile cranes had to be used. No failure as to the occupational safety occurred during the entire period of construction process and all uplifting was carried out without any complications and within the deadlines pre-set by us.

Customer: Metsä Fibre Oy
Realization: 05/2016 - 05/2017
Place: Äänekoski, Finland
Order: Installation and commissioning of 3 lines of technological equipment and 3 pcs of wood chip storage equipment
Characteristics of the order: Installation and commissioning of 3 lines of technological equipment for processing of tree trunks into wood chips (spruce, pine, birch), installation and commissioning of 3 pcs of wood chip storage equipment and welding of 3 pcs of debarking drum shells.
Parameters: Cranes with load-carrying capacity of 300 t and 500 t

Customer: Aliacem s.r.o (A-TEC)
Realization: 10/2016 - 12/2016
Place: Mannersdorf, Austria
Order: Exchanger reconstruction
Characteristics of the order: - Assembly of new additional steel structures of the exchanger – 358 t - Assembly of the 1st stage of a new calcining channel – 111 t - Strengthening of the existing exchanger steel structures – 62 t - Disassembly of the existing technology (cyclones, a calcining channel, chutes for raw materials, a calcining chamber, a part of a tertiary piping system) and service platforms - approximately 250 t - Assembly of the 2nd stage of the calcining channel – 55 t - Assembly of other technological elements (cyclones, chutes for raw materials, a part of a tertiary piping system) – 117 t - Assembly of new service platforms, strengthening and modifications of the existing exchanger steel structures – 75 t

Customer: Vápenka Čertovy schody a.s.
Realization: 01/2015 - 12/2016
Place: Tmaň, Czech Republic
Order: Installation of a shaft kiln, stair tower and related frameworks and technological equipment
Characteristics of the order: Installation of a shaft kiln, a storage silo for lignite multi-dust, a stair tower for the lignite multi-dust storage silo, related steel frameworks and technological equipment ensured by the client
Parameters: Total weight of the assembly: 1081 t, 62035 work-hours were needed for this installation in total

Customer: Metso Minerals, France
Realization: 2012
Order: Manufacturing of a stone washer and discharge hoppers with Hardox lining

Customer: Claudius Peters, France
Realization: 2012
Order: Manufacturing of belt conveyors and a stacker and reclaimer for a crushing plant
Parameters: 160 tons and 480 tons
Material: S235 and S355

Customer: Raumaster, Finland
Realization: 2011
Order: Manufacturing of machinery for material conveying systems

Customer: Lafarge Cement, a.s.
Realization: 12/2009 - 02/2010
Place: Čížkovice, Czech Republic
Order: Replacement of front faces of a cement mill, cement plant Čížkovice

Customer: REDECAM, Italy
Realization: 2005 - 2010
Place: USA - Pittsburgh
Order: Dedusting of a clinker rotary kiln
Characteristics of the order: For several years manufacturing and delivery of dust filters including pipelines to countries: Cement plant Le Havre, France; Lime plant Black River, Cinncinaty, KY, USA; Lime plant Grand River, OH, USA; Pittsburgh, PA, USA for Buzzi, Saint Louis,MO, USA; Cement plant Radotín, Czech Republic; Lime plant Mokrá u Brna, Czech Republic; Košice, Slovakia; Karlstadt, Germany

Customer: LHOIST Groupe
Realization: 2010
Place: Portugal
Order: Manufacturing of equipment for a kiln line, transportation to the site and installation

Customer: Swiss Combi, Switzerland
Realization: 2010
Place: Switzerland
Order: Manufacturing of pipeline parts and modules for exhaust of combustion products

Customer: Mondi a.s.
Realization: 2009
Place: Ružomberok, Slovak Republic
Order: Installation of a debarking drum

Customer: Norskstein AS
Realization: 2009
Place: Norway
Order: Crushing and screening equipment with a storage facility

Customer: VICAT
Realization: 2009
Place: France
Order: Disassembly and installation of a rotary kiln supporting ring

Customer: Hyundai
Realization: 2007
Place: Nošovice, Czech Republic
Order: Erection of a forging shop building

Customer: Metso Minerals
Realization: 2007
Place: Pont Charron, Canada
Order: Installation of a tertiary part of a crushing plant

Customer: REDECAM, Italy
Realization: 2006
Place: Italy
Order: Installation of a filter - cement plant Grand River, Italy

Customer: Sugar plant
Realization: 2005
Place: Němčice na Hané, Czech Republic
Order: Lime plant disassembly

Customer: SAZKA, a.s.
Realization: 2003
Order: Crane works for the Sazka Arena erection

Customer: Comsat USA, a global telecommunications company
Realization: 1992
Place: Sedlec - Prčice, Czech Republic
Order: Installation of satellite antennas for a satellite communications centre

Realization: 1988
Place: Hranice, Czech Republic
Order: Installation of a raw mill

Realization: 1987
Place: Maloměřice, Czech Republic
Order: Replacement of a rotary kiln shell

Realization: 1980
Place: Afghanistan
Order: Cement plant erection

Realization: 1978
Place: Lysá Hora, Czech Republic
Order: Television transmitter erection

Realization: 1976
Order: Replacement of a new cement production line

Realization: 1974
Order: Importation of a new Demag TC 1200 crane to Czechoslovakia

Realization: 1965
Order: Erection of a cement production line


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